Why Use P2P?

Creative and great tasting meals. Add variety to your meals with unique healthy chef inspired meals.

Tailored meal plans. Meals plans tailored to your dietary restrictions and food preferences.

Health and Fitness Goals Approved. Create meal plans to meet your health and fitness goals.

Fun and simple meal preparation. Each meal comes with an ingredient list and step-by-step instructions to make meal preparation easy and fun for the whole family.

Fresh, local ingredients. Groceries ordered direct from local grocery stores ensures food is fresh and keeps costs down.

Smart Meal Planning. Meals are planned using existing groceries at home and items are cleverly re-used in meal plans to save waste and money.

More customization. Choose number of meals, number of servings per each meal. Skip meals or add servings as desired.

Cost saving. Save on average $40/week on gas and groceries.

Time saving. Meals planned and groceries delivered within minutes. No more trips to the grocery store each week.

Less packaging waste. Ingredients aren't individually packaged cutting down on cost and reducing waste and helping the environment.

Less food waste. Having meals planned reduces purchasing of excess items. Average Canadian household wastes $34/week on unused food.

Scheduled Delivery. Schedule delivery at your convenience. Delivery typically within 2 hours.

Add or modify items. Add additional grocery items, modify or remove ingredients items that are already stocked or not desired.

Digital Pantry. Update inventory of pantry items throughout week to add or remove from next order.

Calorie and Nutrition Tracking. Easily export ingredients and quantities to calorie and nutrition tracking apps such as MyFitnessPal. Each meal contains nutritional facts directly in the application.