Healthy cooking made cost saving and convenient

Mission Statement

Provide a way for families and adults who are busier than ever a simple, cost saving way to have fresh, healthy, and creative chef inspired at home meals including step-by-step recipes and groceries delivered

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Inputs for Meal Planning

User selects their type of meal plan, number of days, and number of servings.

Meal Plan Confirmation

User reviews meal plan and can make meal changes before confirming

Grocery List Confirmation

User then review grocery items and select which items they already have that will then be removed from the list and marked as stocked in pantry

Ordering of Groceries

Grocery list is exported into InstaCart or approved Grocery Vendor. User completes order and arranges delivery with a few clicks

Preparation of Meal

User chooses meal they are wanting to prepare and follow step by step recipe with nutritional information

Digital Pantry

Users can update inventory of pantry items throughout week or at time of ordering. Users can also add other items to grocery list to add to next order

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